Collect reviews and real insight with ease

Three Ways to Collect Reviews

We offer three complementary options when it comes to collecting reviews: Group Invitation, Automatic Review Collecting Service, and Custom links. Otzivio invites all your customers, brand new and past, to review your company, via fully customisable emails. No additional customer registration, or personal details are required. It's simple to implement, secure, and yes, it's effective: On average, more than 7% of the invites results in a review.

Group Invitation

The fastest way to get reviews from past customers

We need a list with three things to kickstart your reviews: customer name, email, and order ID. With just those three things, you'll see reviews come pouring in, in no time at all.

Automatic Review Collecting Service

You get new reviews all the time, on autopilot

Keep the reviews flowing with ARCS. We ask every new customer to review your company. Within days of purchase (delay is customisable), we'll invite your brand new customers to leave a fresh review on our site. In a matter of seconds, these reviews, backed by reference ID (e.g. order number), are live on the web. With ARCS, you'll always have new reviews, hot off the press. Rest assured, all private information will always remain private.

Custom links

Have it your way with fully customizable features

For enterprise customers, unique links give you total control and complete flexibility over your emails. Align your business needs with our service using your own tools.

Works with the platform of your choice

We work how you work. Whether you use a third party solution or your own bespoke platform, Otzivio integrates without a hitch. Simply BCC your private Otzivio email address in customer order confirmations. If you need additional assistance for setup with your software, we're here to help.